Zoom Training with a Sugarista


Stuck between sugars? No worries! Whether it's time for your next sugaring appointment, you want to improve your sugaring skills, or you're about to sugar yourself for the first time, our expert Sugaristas are here to help! Book a private 20-minute virtual training session with a licensed esthetician and trained Sugarista, who will teach you all the sugaring skills you need to know and answer all of your burning sugar questions. So you don't feel... stuck.

You'll learn how to:

  • Correctly pick up Sugar Paste
  • Form a Sugar Ball
  • Mold the Sugar to ensure you're properly gripping hair to extract at the follicle
  • Flick the Sugar Paste to remove hair

    How it works:
    Sugar Paste must be purchased separately and is not included in the purchase of a Virtual Sugaring Lesson. Once your purchase is confirmed at checkout, we'll send you a private link to book and schedule your video conference lesson with one of our Sugaristas!

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